Hello and welcome to AllergyLogic – we’re really happy you’re here! We know that being a parent can be tough sometimes and that being the parent of a child with food anaphylaxis takes parenting to a whole new level. We are Rita and Lisa, the creators of AllergyLogic and the mothers of four children, three with multiple life threatening food allergies.

Can you recall how many times you have heard or thought:

  • How am I possibly going to keep my child safe from these foods?
  • What are they going to eat?
  • How are these food allergies going to impact on my child?
  • How will this impact the rest of our family?
  • Does this mean my child will miss out on things like birthday parties?
  • How will we manage with daycare, baby sitters, pre-school and beyond?

The questions are sometimes endless. The AllergyLogic app will help you find the solutions to these questions and so many more.

We love sharing what we have learned so far…

Allergylogic is a dedicated place for you.

It exists with the sole intention of simplifying your life, creating peace of mind and freeing up your precious time:

  • It is the place where all of your child’s food allergy information is on hand to refer to at any time;
  • where comprehensive checklists are presented for you to consult at a moment’s notice;
  • where you can adjust any checklist to make it your own;
  • where you can easily share any of your allergy information with friends, family, teachers or babysitters;
  • where you can email action plans and log any essential medical devises;
  • A place with a true understanding of how time consuming it can be to organize a family outing, how it feels having to explain the precautions for a simple sleepover or playdate.

The AllergyLogic app contains practical, heartfelt, efficient, and comprehensive information. We share with you a commitment and determined attitude – that food anaphylaxis doesn’t have to define, limit or deny any opportunities for you, your family and most importantly for your child.

AllergyLogic is a partnership of our experiences, the highs and the lows and the amazing feeling of achievement that accompanies success when living with severe food allergies.

The philosophy and principles that underpin AllergyLogic are a reflection of what we have learned and what we know works.

It is how we live our lives every day.

A straight forward approach to ensure equal opportunities, great adventures and limitless experiences for children and adolescents with severe food allergies.

No matter where you are on your journey, whether it be for your child, your grandchild, a child in your care, the child of a close friend, a young teenager, or young adult, sometime soon you will inevitably meet someone with life threatening food allergies…the experience, and understanding are now yours.

Rita and Lisa

Isabelle (tree nuts, shellfish and FPIES), Michel (milk, egg, tree nuts, sesame, shellfish and cold urticaria),
Sebastien (milk, egg, peanut, tree nuts, shellfish), Olivia (lactose intolerant).



We would like to express an enormous thank you to the people who continue to support us, encourage us, and help to keep us sane. They make us laugh until we cry – when sometimes we would rather cry! And to the amazing people who worked so hard with us on this project to make it a reality:

  • To our wonderful children for being the driving force behind this app and without whom we wouldn’t be us. They are a constant source of our inspiration through their resilience, wisdom and unwaveringly positive outlook on life.
  • To our amazingly patient husbands and dedicated fathers, David and Evan, for being fully involved in every stage of their children’s lives, and for offering us strength, support and perspective during the most trying times.
  • To our families for always being there for us and more importantly for our children. We couldn’t do without their understanding, help, dedication and wonderful cooking.
  • To David Nehme, for taking care of the business infrastructure and set-ups, giving us a solid platform to work from.
  • To the ‘appscape’ team – Clint, Noel and Cesar – for strongly believing in this app from the onset and for managing the design and build process with patience and flexibility.
  • To our fantastic responsive team at ‘EB Pearls’; you guys take efficiency to another level!
  • To ‘theROQUE’ team – Sandra, Ally and Steve – for their professional design work and vibrant personalities.
  • To Leo Roccioletti (ERD) for giving generously of his time, resources and exceptional design kudos.
  • To Renaee Churches for her expertise and for ‘coaching us’ through the build of our new website.
  • To Dr Robert Harper (a man of many talents!) for his photographic skills and enthusiasm, and for always generously giving his precious time.
  • To Liv, Jane and little Eve, for being the beautiful ‘face’ of our website.
  • To Eleneth Woolley for her prompt and insightful legal advice.
  • To the Harpers for graciously offering a beautiful and inspiring office space in which to work, and to their staff for making us feel so welcome.