The Checklists

A compilation (31 in total!) of detailed, yet simple and common sense checklists, categorised to guide you through everyday life events and through key stages of your child’s life.

The checklists allow you to systematically tick each suggestion, step-by-step. All the lists have been refined and put into practice many times, ensuring that you can confidently and systematically cover all considerations.

AllergyLogic is here to help you, at home, at birthday parties, when engaging a babysitter, starting preschool, going on those dreaded school camps or simply when planning your family vacation.

Also included is a key feature for you to add your own notes and edit the checklists as your child’s needs and circumstances change overtime.

Follow the steps in any of the checklists and edit them to suit your needs.

All checklists are:

  • clear, easy to follow and practical
  • interactive, allowing you to check off completed tasks
  • fully editable and customisable