The Checklists

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A compilation (31 in total!) of detailed, yet simple and common sense checklists, categorised to guide you through everyday life events and through key stages of your child’s life. The checklists allow you to systematically tick each suggestion, step-by-step. All the lists have been refined and put into practice many times, ensuring that you can confidently and systematically cover all considerations. AllergyLogic is here to help you, at home, at birthday parties, when engaging a babysitt...
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Creating Your Own Lists

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Design your own personal lists and save them under any of the given checklist categories. Create as many lists as you require and allocate lists for each person noting their individual needs. Each holiday, each birthday, each outing – use the provided checklists as a guide to construct your own lists for any event. Your preferred lists, whether blue for those provided by AllergyLogic or green for those created by you, can also be saved to a separate screen of favourite checklists for y...
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The Allergens Detailed

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Extensive allergen tables helping you to understand ingredient labels – essential when shopping or when checking if any product is safe to use for your child and all conveniently accessible. The tables provide: detailed reference lists of alternate names for each of the nine most commonly occurring food allergens a comprehensive listing of food and products that may contain these allergens Substituting Ingredients Using a recipe with Egg, Wheat or Milk products? This section provid...
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Your Allergy Information

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Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction that requires emergency medical attention. Anaphylaxis occurs when the body’s immune system perceives a usually harmless substance, such as certain foods, as a threat and wrongly reacts to it. Common triggers of anaphylaxis include foods (typically peanut, tree nut, egg, shellfish, fish, milk, soy and sesame), insect stings, latex and some medicines. Some people are so highly allergic that tiny quantities or even trace amounts of the specific a...
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