We’ve been wanting to write about clutter for some time now … but there’s a huge pile of papers on our respective desks and every time we sit down to write that pile just stares mockingly right back at us…… Last week in a moment of inspiration we set to and had a filing-a-thon, some hours later and feeling pretty satisfied and just a bit smug, the confusion cleared and as if by some miracle we were able to sit and write.
We all have clutter of some kind in our lives, it’s unavoidable. We are hit daily with a barrage of correspondence… school notices, bills, newsletters, cards, advertising, receipts and it’s not easy to find the energy to tackle these piles of paper.
While it is fine to allow our desks to get a little out of hand the same can’t be said of anything that applies to our children’s food anaphylaxis information. We all know that feeling of dread when we lose an important piece of paper or document, the frantic scrambling and sorting as we attempt to uncover it from where we are certain it was last seen or filed. Frankly it is a stress we can all do without. For our own peace of mind we need to be able to consult, update, and share this information efficiently and effortlessly at any time. At least we can be confident that one area of our lives is in perfect order.

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